Nav bar content expands through the whole body on the mobile

I have an issue with my navbar on tablet and mobile breakpoints. When I open it, the content (menu) expands throughout the entire body. See images for more detail.

The issue started, when I added a section with sticky horizontal scrolling (from clonable), but I cannot figure out, what exactly is causing the issue. It behaves normally in preview mode, but once I publish it, it’s broken.

I really don’t know what else to do :smiley: as I checked it 300 times.

Preview link

Published website

Frustrating! Looks great in preview mode.
These can be difficult to help with since the community cannot publish the changes to test.
I’ve personally never applied an interaction on a native navbar component like this. I wonder if mixing these two features creates a conflict with styles? Possible to recreate it without using the native Navbar? Doesn’t seem like it’s needed.
When I remove all styling on your mobile nav components, things generally look/function like a normal mobile menu. I think some of the overlapping full-screen settings are not happy.

I see that you’ve disabled the horizontal scroll interaction on mobile devices, so I doubt that’s causing this but you might make a back-up, delete the interaction entirely, publish, and see if it changes anything.

With styling removed:

Haha issue was with one class, specifically navbarlink2 from the menu, it randomly got properties which broke it down. :rofl: