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Nav Bar on Mobile Disappears Behind section

Hi everyone,

So I am new to webflow and at the stage of trying to make my site mobile friendly. However, when I click on the nav bar button (only available for mobile landscape and portrait), the menu appears but half of it disappears behind the section below.

Happens on this page:

Here is a screenshot from my mobile of the page above. You’ll see how the drop down menu goes behind the section below the nav bar.

Thanks in advance for your help.


you welcome. Great for newbie


This trick is with minimal styles (On your site this effect won’t work right)

About the nav " start from zero" - you add a lot of styles and break the nav layout:

  • First: don’t use negative margins (very buggy to move elements like this + element will go out of the screen!)
  • Next - remove and add again this style (Again without negative margins). Will fix the issue (i guees this is a bug of wierd styles + animation on this element):

Great thats worked thanks, Yes too much going on and needed a tidy. Cheers