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Event Calendar / Registration

Hopefully not posting too much in one day!

I’m interested to know if anybody has had any success with an event calendar / registration set up in Webflow. My requirements are not to take money online (i.e. paypal/credit card) etc. but to have a calendar embedded in the website (and looking half respectable) and then a corresponding registration form (which I’m happy to create if need be).

There aren’t a heap of events on a monthly basis, and I’ve noticed in some of the Show & Tell examples that social media was used as an event generator, this however isn’t appropriate in this situation.

As always, thanks again!

Hi there @domin8tor, no worries, keep asking away :smile:

Here are a couple of possiblities, depending on the type of registration you need and how sophisticated you want to get with this:

First, you can embed a google calendar to show events, but you probably have to do some code trickery to get registrations to work:

Another option is to use a third party event service, but this may or may not have a cost factor. Eventbrite is pretty good, but it does have some cost:

There may be other registration and event services on the web, that you can search for. Other Webflow members here too on the forum may have some nifty solutions for you.


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Thanks again @cyberdave.

I have been searching (since our last conversation), for an appropriate solution but to no avail. I did a quick sign up for EventBrite, however it’s event per event basis isn’t quite what I was after.

This extension demo here for a Joomla component:, was an ideal solution, but was hoping there was something more ‘universal’.

Thanks for your assistance though, and hopefully someone out there has had some experience and luck.


Hi @domin8tor, yeah, not all the third party solutions are created equal that is for sure. I think there is room in the world, for an effective event booking or event management system that can be easily integrated, and does not require you to have a doctorate from MIT to set up and can be configured with just the functions you need :smile:

Good luck with the event booking or event registration services. One thing you might consider too, is to create some kind of custom code solution using some google products and javascript, but you would need investigate the different google products and what APIs there are for creating something custom.

If you need any advice or help, to the extend we are able to do so in Webflow, we are here :smile: