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Mysterious image slowing site down can't find it to delete

Hi! I’ve tested my site here:!/cFe4Co/

And it is finding a large image (600kb or so) here:

I’ve tried deleting this from my webflow asset library, and it deletes but then reappears on re-loading the designer.

I can’t find this anywhere in my code if I view source from my browser, and I don’t know where it would be in my site. Is this an error? Is it hidden somwhere on my site?

I’ve looked in every major container to see if it was a background element anywhere, but want to avoid inspecting every single element and state in my site to ensure its not a hidden or overridden background image.

Any ideas or thoughts? Is this truly being loaded along with the home page?

My site share link:

I’m looking. To begin with, click on the publish button, then the unpublish link, then publish again and check if the image is still on the .io after that.

Done - looks like it’s still there.

I see…

I see the image is loaded by the home page but it’s not in the HTML code.

It’s in the CSS, it’s called by the .content-wrapper.tight class



I don’t know what this element does :smiley:

You’re amazing! I don’t know what it does either. Very much a designer, and new to webflow at that, so this is all very very helpful. I’ll think about CSS next time, did you access that with just an “inspect element” function? I have that on Chrome.

Yes, let me record a quick screencast to show you how. Be right back.

Here you go.

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