Can't find GIF asset on site

I wasn’t the original designer of this website so I find it difficult to track things down to change or delete. There is this logo gif that was used which I’ve changed to a lottie file to save speed but there’s still a version of the gif that I can’t track down for the life of me.

Is there any way to search where an asset is being used? I don’t know any style tags it would have so I can’t find it that way.

I know it’s there because every time I delete it out of the asset library is reappears and it shows up as slowing down the PageSpeed Optimization diagnostic.

This is the asset…

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @Steph_Christo your gif is used as background image for your logo holder. Just delete it from background and you should be fine.

But I thing that major issues that slowing page is not caused by this gif but with these errors you have.