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I was trying to optimze website speed with google (

After all I have issue because google show me that I have imagine (form tamplet) that is non optimalized. The problem is that the picture is not used on my website. I can not see it on website, or on design window on navigator when i expand all there is no picture like that. The only place when I can find that it is on my picutre asset. I can remove it but after i refresh the page it return.

How can I remove it?


Hmm… weird that url of image is absolutely different from your site url
Could you show exactly place on the site where google see this picture?

LOL my bad. Of course the website made on webflow is is my ecommerce made by prosessional developers, sorry for mistake

I can not see where google see this picture. I can not see it on the page, incoudin design mode on webflow. The only paces where I can see it is on asset on weblfow and google pagespeed :confused:

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:slight_smile: Well, and where did you put that image in 1st time?

The imagines is from template ( So I didn’t put it. But after developing the left over from the template is only the nav and bottom of the page.

I have deleted all imagines from template but after refreshing the page i can still see two pictures, one of them is that chart in analytics style.

Ok. Probably it left somewhere in the settings of element, where this picture was used like background. If you remember that element, try to check all views (desktop, tablet, mobile) or delete that element and create new with same parameters.

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the imagine was hidden. It was set as a backgorund on section which had only slider inside with pictures so I can not find that.

Your advise is good. It was set as a backround, I find it a few second befor your replay. I was traying to remove it all day, and after 3 beers at night (central europ is 11 p.m.) I find solution. Welbom to Poland where problems are solved with vodka and beer :smiley:


I know what you mean :wink: I am native from Ukraine

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Cześć Bartek :)

Głównym problemem jest rozmiar obrazków, które masz na stronie. Zwróć proszę uwagę na to, by ich rozmiar nie przekraczał 200-250KB. Wiadomo - im mniej tym lepiej, ale warto trzymać się tej dolnej granicy. Sama strona (prócz tych kilku obrazków w tabeli poniżej) działa dość płynnie a Ty sam nie powinieneś się zbytnio przejmować jej wynikami. Jeśli obrazki są odpowiednio skompresowane to w zupełności wystarcza.

Do kompresji obrazków użyj b.dobrego narzędzia jakim jest Używam odkąd rozpocząłem przygodę z Webflow ;)

Powodzenia! :)

Hey Bartek!

The main issue comes from not compressed images that you have on your website. Please make sure they do not exceed 200-250KB as some mobile browsers don’t load bigger images :confused: It’s better if you keep them below 250KB if that’s possible.

Tabel that is visible @up should show you which images are needing a compression. I’ve also looked for the one you have provided, but couldn’t find it in code anywhere. Google also didn’t say anything about that. Maybe browser/server cache? is a nice tool for making the images compressed without losing its quality. I’ve been using it ever since I’ve been using Webflow :)



Thanks for respons. All imagines are know commpresed (photoshop -> save for web -> 60% quality) and are optimized by app on mac os - ImagineOptim. The app is so easy to use. I rather do not whant upload it more compressed i use retina display and full hd mobile, I hate when sites have terrible quiality imagine.

Haha know after only removing background the score on move down from 82 to 70. It shoud be 83-85 after removing that backgorund. Google PageSpeed Insights is a bit bullshit?

what is that imagine 1.4 MB? I rather didn’t upload it on website :confused:

Is something more that can be impreved in webflow to boost the score on

Re 1.4MB image
It must have been something from the iframe you had…

Re PageSpeed
You can’t do more than what’s already done ;)

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Ok so it is the google map iframe so i can not improve that.

So funny that googles pages have so poor score on google test :smiley:

Thanks a lot for answers!

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