Mysterious blank space to the right of Page Section

Hello forum-dwellers,

I’ve run into my first and only real Webflow issue that has me stumped.

At some point as I was developing the second section (‘Story Section’) of my site, a blank space has appeared to the right and underneath the section. That is, a horizontal scroll makes the website’s ‘body’ section appear, which lays underneath the section and should not be visible, even in the event of a horizontal scroll. This ‘blank space’ extends almost half the width of the page to the right…

I’m unsure of what I’ve done wrong, but I’ve made sure to double-check that no careless padding exists that would cause this.

Please help me figure this out!

Here is my site Read-Only link:

Thank you very, very much in advance!!!

looks like you got it figured out. Setting the overflow hidden.

Thanks for the quick reply jbleroux, but I’m not sure I follow.

I haven’t made any edits to the site since I made this post…?

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