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My website scroll to right in mobile view

I dunno why but when I test my website on mobile view, I can scroll to the right… I tried checking the overflow and the margins of every element but I can’t find the source of the problem

Here is my site Read-Only:

@LittleFoxy Looks like you’ve fixed this? If you’re still seeing it, can you share the published link and also which browser you’re previewing it from? I don’t see this problem on the Webflow Designer

in fact, that’s the problem, in the designer it works perfectly but when I view it on my phone, I can scroll to the right, try to view it on your phone, just tap (

The marquee-horizontal class was reset to position: static on mobile which is causing your position: absolute items to overflow. Just set it back to relative same as the desktop should fix the issue.

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it actually worked! thanks a lot!

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