My page seems to be entirely pushed to the left on mobile phone mode

I need help moving the entire site to the right:

Try to select each section you did and make overflow (hidden).

can you please tell me where the overflow control is?

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your suggestion. It did not change anything. Anyone else have any ideas?

Hi @ailieinc I found the issue.

Your Initial appearance for this image is pushed to the right. If you remove this, your site should work normally. :smile:

nope. unfortunately it did not change it. do you have any other ideas?

Now when it opens you can not see the navigation icon. When you try to you see the white vertical bar.

I found another MOVE RIGHT.

Try deleting this one as well.

Can you look at it for me on your device and see if it is fixed. I think I did it.

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