Can't scroll down my site via mobile device

thank you Dave!! I have one last issue. The site won’t scroll on mobile.

read-only link:

i’m taking a look into this now. I’ll reply once I find a solution :smile:

Great! Thanks much. Standing by… :slight_smile:

any ideas? trying to resolve this :slight_smile:

Hi @ailieinc

Sorry for the delayed response. I found what is causing it. Your BODY class’s overflow is set to hidden. What this does is hides all content that is taller than 100% of the viewports height.

Try setting it back to visible:


ok. I will. I did this so the drop down menu would be visible. Will report back. Thank much.

still not working, the body is visible.

ok. I may have just fixed it. if you have anyone in your office with an android phone can you try it?

Hi @ailieinc, I just tried on my android phone, and it is looking good to me, scrolling nicely :slight_smile:

yippi ki yeah!!!

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My client is beside himself with joy!

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