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My Web Design Company's Redesigned Webflow Site

I wasn’t totally happy with the first website I made for my business. Honestly, when I am every fully happy? lol. I always think there is something that could be improved.

Anywho, I’m not 100% done yet (especially on the blog) but I did want to go ahead and share my site and get any kind of feedback that you guys want to leave for me.

Just a couple of notes. I inserted code for Font Awesome icons (I hate that the icons can’t display in preview mode). Also, I added code to keep the site from zooming in when clicking on form fields (or when people pinch). This is one thing that was driving me nuts. The zooming also happens when interactions are set with a left or right move, thus, I have to keep the interactions only fading or moving up or down.

Here’s the site’s project page:

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looks neat, maybe you should think about getting a business email instead of using iCloud mail it may add a bit of a professional feel to it.

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I did a pingdom speed test for you as I noticed the DaltonCapital image was taking a while to load on my standard 2Mb broadband connection, and the test shows that’s 1.4MB. Which is far too large a file size, as is almost half your page weight, which will slow down your page load, and hence affect your google ranking. Plus consider that someone using a mobile phone will have to download that image too. Here’s the test link:

If you optimise the DaltonCapital image in Photoshop to a jpeg with around 60% quality setting, then you won’t notice any difference to the quality you have now, but it will only be 200kb. So save 85% of the file size.

There’s also the same issue on the post page header image which is an unnecessary 2.2 MB

I hope that helps.

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@mention79 Thanks. Yeah, I forgot to optimize that image. I need to check my hero image too. I wish webflow automatically optimized images.

@GermanAlex Hi Alex, I am in the process of finding a solution for my email. I did have it previously listed but out of the blue, Go Daddy took the free email feature away from me on my domain. I did see that someone recommended ZOHO email on the forum the other day.

The Process > Design
“After our first meeting, we will busy designing your site”
should be
“After our first meeting, we will get busy designing your site”

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