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Redesigned my portfolio site

now with more cleanliness =)

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I like the content pages but the landing page doesn’t really work for me… I think it’s just not very obvious what I’m supposed to do. Also, the text about you is so small I can barely read it; I would definitely bump that up. Overall cool design though.

yea. that homepage is a bit lacking. thanks for pushing me to make it better

Your icons don’t work for me. They’re all just squares.

what browser and OS are you using?

Chrome on a Mac…

Hi @PixelGeek, Great design. It’s coming together nicely. I took a peek and the icons seemed to be working for me in both preview and published mode (see attachment) Is this still giving you trouble?

It may also be due to the font-family name. Try uploading your OTF file and assign the same font-family name as the others( e.g. Fontawesome webfont) and see if that helps with the browser support.

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i think that fixed it. THANK YOU!! =D

Lesson learned.

The Font Awesome zip you download from the site has the OTF file named “fontawesome” while the other formats are “fontawesome-webfont”

Just change it and everything will be fine =)

THANK YOU @thewonglv!

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