Feature request: Enhanced Staging With Editing capabilities

Here’s a Wishlist.

It’d be such a huge change in my workflow if the Enhanced Staging plan includes just one editor seat. I found myself working around the issue of content editing and e-commerce product creation whit my clients.

This happens to me a couple of times already, I have to explain to my clients that, event when Webflow have the ability, and it was a feature that we discussed before the project, we can’t edit the website right now, we’ll look into it down the road, but for know… just send me the text in a google docs… just because we don’t have the hosting plan yet, we are not ready to launch, so it makes no sense to start paying for a service that we don’t really need at that point.

Is really frustrating, am I the only one that has had this issue? How you guys deal whit the client content-editing in the stage previous to launch?

Hey @emotran,

I think you make a good point.

In some cases a client isn’t prepeared to enage the hosting plan before the official launch or at least close, which can make it a bit more difficult to add their content. There are a number of solutions that we typically use in this case. But usually we just get them started on hosting right away since the cost is minimal for most clients and its imporant they have access to the editor to align content. You can just explain them to this and that hosting should start 50% through development in order to manage content implementation.

We will often just using a google doc with headings or something like myro where we can add the site screenshots and the client can add the content they need for each section.

I know some others have shared your point and I’m sure its something the team is considering. Just in case its not there, could you share it on the wishlist - https://wishlist.webflow.com/

That’s a great Idea, Will do!

Yeah, Paying the cost of the hosting in advance is a great solutions to this particular issue, it just feels a bit unnecessary inefficient… I also thing that is a bit of a friction point that can be avoid. It will make the relationship whit the client that much better, it will probably not affect getting the host plan anyway, and will much the excellent user experience that Webflow brand have overall.

Not to mention that teaching your client way in advance, in a relax environment and mindset, how to use the editor, how to “make the design your own” by customizing the text and content, and how clean and easy it is… whit out the pressure of the website been live and needing content right away can be a huge change emotionally.

Thanks @Thomas_92 for your feedback and the great tips! :wink:

Here’s the Link in case somebody wants to vote.:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: