My site won't index and pages won't crawl - ownership verified via godaddy rather than with google site verification

I was linking my new site to it’s google console and instead of it providing me with a Google site verification ID like normal it automatically did it through GoDaddy. I didn’t think it would cause any issues but now my pages won’t crawl/index. I think it might have something to do with the Google site verification ID. Has anyone experienced something like this? I’ve tried looking for the Google site verification ID on my account and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

You should be able to locate the site verification ID in GoDaddy where you manage your domain’s DNS records. What’s your domain?

Maya, that shouldn’t cause any issues. GSC is able to verify automatically when your DNS is setup through certain providers like Cloudflare or GoDaddy.

All that matters here is that GSC is verified.

Crawling / indexing aren’t related to that. For that, check your robots.txt as normal, submit your sitemap.xml, and the rest is waiting for Google to get around to your site while you actively promote it through backlinks.