SEO - Ownership Verification Failed!

So I’m trying to get my website google verified but I keep getting this error. I was able to do the ‘URL PREFIX’ verification but not the domain verification. Of course, the website is not showing up on google search.

After updating Webflow SEO settings and publishing it, I’ve tried waiting for almost 2 days. The site verification still shows the same error.

Don’t try the DNS version but the other option. I forgot the exact name, but the one for the http://www.xxxxx.xx in Google SearchConsole.

Yes, that’s called URL Prefix Verification, which worked for me. Problem is, my website won’t show up on google search. I thought the domain verification had to be done for that to work.

I assume it’s a fairly new site? That is likely to be the reason it isn’t showing in Google Search - it simply hasn’t been indexed by Google yet.

You can try also submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console, which never hurts.

I’ll also add that I have several live sites that I used the URL Prefix method for, and they appear in search results (one of them hitting #1 for several search terms).

Well it’s been almost a month since I publish my website and close to three weeks since I submitted the site map. Still not showing up on Google results. I’ve tried searching by name… adding ‘webflow’ to the name etc… still won’t show up.

Seems I had to do URL inspection to be indexed.