My site is always opening with the footer

My published site is opening with the footer and not the header. When one goes to the URL and tries to check it the footer is the one that comes on the screen. I thought that the header or hero section shows first

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)


If you could share your read only link would be super. It’s much easier for us see what’s going on.

It does sounds like the footer has an id for in page linking and when your visiting your website you have that link in your Url like this If that is the case try to remove #footer from your URL and try again.

I’ve seen this before - if you have a form field with “autofocus” ticked then the browser will scroll to that field


Ah, yes that could also be the case here. Nice one!

Thanks for the response.
The read only link is:
How can I remove #footer from the URL if the case is as you have suggested.


The field ID is used for in page linking.

I just looked and the issue is the newsletter input field in the footer having “autofocus” on. toggle that off and you’re all set!


Nice @Diarmuid_Sexton I didn’t even check the preview. To much going on I’ll guess =) Thanks!

I’m three hours trying to solve this opening problem, Thank you!

I was going crazy until I saw your comment… Thanks bro!