Nav link linking to contact section

Hi there, I have a contact form on some of my pages… for some reason when I access that page from the nav link - or logo to the homepage it takes me down the page to the contact form rather than just opening the page from the top…

For example… I have a form on the homepage… if I open the page by pasting the URL on the browser the page opens down the bottom on the contact page… I want the page to open on the open like any regular page…

Any ideas what might be happening?

I haven’t set up any anchors or anything…

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @sracer357

Maybe the form field/fields are set to autofocus. Can you share you project link here and also a read-only link?

So, the pricing page > Chris Bojanovich Experience and rates > has a field that’s set to autofocus. It’s the how did you hear about me field

Remove the autofocus and the page will not jump down. Hope this helps!

Peter :webflow_heart:

Check the links of the navigation or the menue.May be you have putted the id of the contact section in the navigation bar thats why it send you to thats section. Just remove the id and place the link of the contact page. After doing it your page will be open from top.