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My post was unlisted. Please can a mod verify the rules regarding the discussion of third party hosting solutions

Hey everyone. Considering the large amount of discussions regarding hosting rates I recommended some affordable third party solutions for hosting exported sites. The page was unlisted and a mod explained that the post was not allowed. There was no use of affiliate links and I listed multiple solutions from different providers including free ones such as Github. I believe the webflow forums is a place where the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Please can a mod explain exactly what is or is not prohibited.

Moved to Meta. Please try to use the proper categories as defined in the pinned guidelines in each category.

This is the linked post for reference: Exported Hosting - Static Hosting Providers

Since we are on the discussion of spam and off-topic posts, I would like to say that a new user’s first post with reviews and three links to external sites will seem very suspicious no matter how you look at it, whether they have affiliate links or otherwise.

Also, due to the fact that you went off-topic here (Pricing cms and webflow hosting daaa) shortly after you posted the three links, you also helped derail the thread.

This was the original question:

What is the price hike adding? Does it mean now, that I pay once for all my sites on cms?

OP was asking questions about the new Webflow pricing and what it includes, NOT about hosting elsewhere. You weren’t helping answer the question even a tiny bit. Also, all the other comments after yours went off-topic mostly due to your post.

I was being very lenient just unlisting your post, allowing you to clarify yourself/your post. Spammers usually get their posts AND account deleted, and email permanently banned. The only reason why you didn’t get the boot is because your post did not contain a single affiliate link (yes I am very observant).

Fair enough, from your perspective I suppose it did look that way. I’d like to stay an active user on the forum so I appreciate the leniency.

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Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

If you have further questions feel free to clarify them.

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