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Third Party Hosting List / Suggestion Thread

Hey Peeps,

I’ve used Webflow since 2015. I think this is one of the best tools on the market and I still gladly pay for two accounts (1 team and 1 Pro).

But sadly the price of hosting is… expensive. I found very little on the forum so I did some digging. I’ve found some great alternatives that I know some people will appreciate. I have a couple clients on Webflow CMS (some with their own accounts). But the majority are hosted third party because they simply don’t need it.

There are plenty of ways to make use of the export tool (except CMS). But for static content you can look at some static hosts. They usually use AWS like webflow or Googles Cloudflare CDN. And most offer SSL certs as standard.


Bandwidth based pricing, really great for small projects and local companies. Form handling is not so great but it’s improving. I’ve managed to host 10 low bandwidth sites for $10 with success. There are options such as $100 for 1TB which should accommodate numerous sites.


Probably my favorite, A polished $6/$5 per site solution. Probably the better option for most people and very slick to use IMO.


Netlify bought Bitballoon at some point. Similar performance all round but it’s obvious that Netlify is more suited to larger and more complicated projects.

I would be really interested in knowing what you guys have found! :smiley:

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