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Is it possible to export the site with its dynamic content?

Posted this a few hours ago and without any notice the topic got deleted. Is there any way to export a website with dynamic content?

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Hi, sorry, I did pass your post to unlisted, I didn’t delete it. It wasn’t a question, only a bold statement saying Webflow is completely useless. Every forum post is meant to become a resource for other users to find answers to their issues. Again, sorry, I won’t do it again without contacting the author of the post.

As Webflow states is, exporting a website doesn’t export the dynamic content. Webflow CMS websites are meant to be hosted on Webflows’ hosting. Hosting a CMS elsewhere would require a stack of software services on the servers’ end and Webflows’ philosophy is to provide immediate, simple solutions, so that would be some kind of a stretch and require maintenance. That I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

There’s also what is called a flat CMS export, where dynamic data are flattened and exported as HTML. It’s not as simple to build as you may think. I heard once that the Webflow team isn’t opposed to that but that must be very low in priorities for many reasons. It defeats the purpose of a CMS to export flat, probably isn’t very aligned with the business model either.

The old post is still here: This website will be exported without any dynamic data

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