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Clarification on Webflow's content policy?

Hey there,

I’m looking for some clarification on Webflow’s content policy. The ToS states that we cannot post User Content that includes adult content. Right now I’m really questioning what counts as posted user content.
If I host a website using my client’s own purchased domain name, does this count as posted user content? Surely if the website is not using the .webflow domain, then there’s no possibility of the site tarnishing Webflow’s brand.
If hosting adult content is dissallowed in general, would I be able to design a site for a client, then export it as HTML and host it elsewhere like with GoDaddy? If my only “posting” is after exporting, then the project shouldn’t technically be considered posted user content.

Just looking for some clarification on this. Webflow is a fantastic design suite and I’d hate to turn away web dev clients because my designer program polices what kinds of websites I can make.

It depends on the type of site you’re creating. Please submit more information about your sites here:

and I’ll have the team see if you your project is allowed to be designed in Webflow

I submitted to the contact form! Thanks.

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