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My new website using Locomotive & GSAP & Fullpage

Hi there,
This has been such a long time in the making but I have finally finished making my website using WebFlow.

When I first started with WebFlow, I was really impressed with the UI to build something up. Then I saw what was possible with third-party libraries such as Locomotive and GSAP especially seeing a lot of the ideas shared by Codrops.

Part of the website is using Codrop’s hover menu example, Creating a Menu Image Animation on Hover | Codrops . I can’t thank Sarah for sharing her thought processes on this. Taking her code and trying to integrate it into WebFlow was challenging and almost impossible but where there is a will there is a way.

If anyone is interested then you do need to have a build environment setup then download her code and start hacking it in order to understand. There are some quirks with integrating GSAP which required some additional coding to make it all work.

I do wish Webflow would allow us to directly host Javascript/CSS as well as allow larger resolution video file hosting too.

No platform is perfect but my website is a good example of how shortcomings can be overcome as well as the user community is phenomenal. Thanks to everyone in the forums who have helped me out.

Here is my website: