My new website built using the Webflow CMS

Hi all,

The Webflow CMS is truly amazing and has allowed me to build this site in no time at all!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Good one :slight_smile: I would call it “calm style”, which I like

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Thanks so much! That’s very much what I was going for

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Sweet design!

My only complaint is the page transitions aren’t very smooth at times.

missing background image on this page

Thanks for that! That blog isn’t written yet and shouldn’t have been published

I Love it! It’s simple and awesome at the same time. :heart_eyes:
But I noticed the back button in the words “article” goes to the works page or section. Is that supposed to happen?

Thanks for spotting that and for your kind words! :blush:

Should be fixed now

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Looks awesome. The logo at the top has not so smooth edges though. Is it hi def rendered at 2x?

Like it a’lot very elegant :slight_smile: