My navbar symbol doesn't work in home

It work in every other page except in homepage.
CSS and HTML settings are always the same.
Are there some well hidden page settings somewhere?

Welcome to the community @fabrizioschiavi :wave:

Are you able to provide us with a read-only link so we can take a closer look at the project? It definitely sounds like strange behavior but without access to the project in the Designer, it’s hard to say what’s causing it.

Sure! Here it is.

Ah okay, are you talking about how you’re not able to interact with the logo link or hamburger menu on the homepage? If so, the issue is that your background video is sitting above the navbar within the z-index.

To fix the problem, just head into your navigation symbol and set the z-index to a higher number (anything 1 or higher will work, but you may want to set it to like 10 so you have a bit more flexibility with the elements sitting underneath):

It works! You saved me @mikeyevin !
Thank you very much!

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