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Dropdown menu is hidden underneath hero image

Hey guys, I’m happy to finally join this forum!

I have a weird issue and I need some help. I’ve been building a site for the company I’m doing my internship and I ran into an issue I’ve tried to fix for days now. I have a dropdown in my nav bar which is only visible on tablet and mobile view. The issue appears only in the home page (it works fine in “about us” page), whenever I press the menu icon it opens up a dropdown but it goes underneath the hero image. Even though z-index is set to 999…

It’s weird because it works fine in the other page.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Try setting the navigation div to Position - Relative.
This should solve it.

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It’s solved! Thank you so much!

I’m happy for you that it was a easy solution :slight_smile:
You can mark your first question as :white_check_mark: solved