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Navbar links disappear behind hero section after adding new dropdown

Hi All! Upon adding a new Navbar item, my dropdown menus on one of my navbars (we have two) now seem to appear behind the hero section. I read another similar post, but the solution would not work for me.

I successfully added the Navbar item to the navbar symbol on my homepage, but the rest of the pages not using the same symbol are the ones that are experiencing the issue. I was fairly certain that I followed the same steps between the two navbar symbols.

The quick fix would be to copy the navbar symbol of the homepage and replace it across the other pages, but they are formatted differently (one for dark backgrounds, the other for light). I plan to eliminate one these symbols in the future when the pages are redesigned.

Here is my preview link;

Thanks in advance …I appreciate your time!

Looks like all you need to do is give your navbar a high z-index. That seemed to fix it for me.

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That did the trick! Thanks @bryantay! Now, I need to create a consistent z-index hierarchy throughout the site as they are all over the board at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face: