[HELP] symbol fixed position body is not relative

i have a symbol with this problem
I don’t understand why I have this problem,I think is a bug what we can do to fix this? thanks
Schermata 2022-04-04 alle 18.46.38

this is a normal element fixed that work

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You mean the nav symbol is not on top of everything?

If so, the position fixed should be on the Nav Section instead of the opened nav wrapper

PS. Ideally you should add the read-only link so we can see what’s going on

thanks yes is working, the section parent was relative so I increased the z-index, and is working

but I think this is a workaround because that symbol should work because is relative to the body

Not really though and that’s actually a pretty common misconception.

If you have two elements (containing other elements) and one is relative and the other is fixed (or any other combo
really) their z-indexes are compared. A high z-index in a container’s child is not overiding the parent’s z-index.

So in your situation the 2000 was internal in the nav section but the nav section itself was lower that 1000.

I hope I cleared this for you Nicola! :slightly_smiling_face:

ahh thanks a lot @Alkoreiel I forgot about that :slight_smile:

ps I had another problem with a video background element do you think this problem is for the format?
this is the topic Background video element not working on safari