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My navbar effect doesn't works for all pages

I followed this tuto.

The problem is that navbar effect works well for the “home” page where I created the effect but not for the others.
Is it normal or I have to select the effect for all pages ? if it’s the case how should I do ?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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hi @karle It is not a bug. Yes, you have to tell that you want to use your effect on specific page. This mean that you have to add action to each page that should have this animation.

CleanShot 2021-04-19 at 14.14.58

Thanks Stan
But how should I do that? Do I have to redo the effects manually for all pages ?

No @karle just add animation in section as it is on image on each page.

For instance if I go to “contact” page I don’t access to “page scrolled” effect as your picture.
Could you give me more details ?

hi @karle here is “how to” but you can get all this knowledge on Weblow University. Try it, it is a useful source of basic information about this platform. :wink:

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Really good, thanks a lot Stan :wink:

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hi @karle feel free to close this issue.

My god :grin:, it seems that doesn’t work well for mobiles devices. When I scroll down the navbar leave but when I scroll up it doesn’t come back.