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Scroll to top not working on all pages :/

Hello hello!

I have just one simple question for the scroll to top interaction. I made the one for my project page, but it is not working properly on all pages and can’t figure out why. If I put it on the home page it’s okay, but if I go to other pages (how it works, contact, about etc.) and put it also there with the new ID on each section when I come back to the home page it’s gone. Somehow from the settings SECTION part where you put the name of the ID or section back to the top just disappears. Like I dodn’t set it up at all. Thank you!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey there!

I would be happy to take a look at this for you! Would you care to share your site’s read-only link so I can assist more easily?

Hi Tyler! Thanks for your help. Here’s my read-only link: Webflow - Adress Fabulous Project

You’ll see on the home page that now you can’t scroll to the top and that happened when I made scroll to top on how it works page. Or it’s working on the desktop version and on the tablet and below doesn’t.

I’m doing something wrong but not really sure what :thinking:

Thanks for your help!