My IMG is keep resizing on its own


I have a project page where it has a text/image grouped in a div (row 1 of the div is dedicated to text and row 2 is dedicated to image).
I have bunch of these divs in a vertical list where it has ‘fade in when scrolled’ animation to each div.

My problem is when I put the image in the editor, the size looks fine but once I publish it or after making several up/down scrolls, the image becomes small automatically which I cannot figure out the reason why.

this is the size that I want to show - flushed with the text but below is how it comes out

it starts with the full desirable size but after few scrolls / publishing, the size changes.
not sure if it has to do with my animation or grid… im currently using 1fr for the parent’s grid’s row.

I tried to give a set 40rem height setting and that seem to work since I hard-setted the height…but is that the only way?

I have the same animation going on with the home page project list but that doesn’t cause any trouble.

let me know if you have any other questions.
thanks guys

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I have a similar problem with my grid setup. Setting up a fixed width (em) was the only way for me to fix the resizing.

Didn’t find a way to make a grid fully fluid yet.

A few days ago, I found this cloneable that seems to work without any fixed measures - in case I don’t oversee anything. Maybe that one helps you?

Share your read-only link if you want people to have a direct look at your build.