My form submissions are being blocked by CORS policy on two separate sites

Hi all,

I have two sites ( & and on both sites, forms are showing an issue on submission.

I have attached a screenshot of the console log.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Others have recently reported similar. I noticed you are blocking some stuff in the browser, try turning off you add block to rule out issues (probably won’t make a difference).

Contact support if it doesn’t go away.

Yes facing same issues with exact error message please fix.

I’m moving some clients over to Basin as @webdev has recommended here many times.

So far, looking phenomenal. Much better looking email notifications, and spam isn’t “blocked” it’s spam-foldered, so you can scan through it. Plus, it handles reply-to without the unsubscribe link problem, and can send a separate email to the form-submitter.

First test form moved had 53 spam submissions in 2 days, and 4 good leads. Worth it. Basin identified every one of them properly.

I’ve also added a Basic-aware form response handler to Sygnal Attributes to support Webflow’s success/fail messages.

You can also just bypass Webflow and go through a free Make (Integromat) account, and store everything in a free Airtable base.