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Finally published my site!

After a month of tweaking and correcting small details I think I have achieved what I wanted.
Introducing . Hope you guys like it!

I never dreamt of doing this all by my own and would like to thank the entire Webflow team for creating a platform that empowers designers to generate code without actually knowing it! Looking forward to more amazing things this year from the Webflow team!



Nice, I like the temporisation on load… we see your face, and just the time for the brain to ask “who is this…” and the ttitle appears. It works.

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Like it, nice work. At think it was a little to much interactions some times and at the work section it was really to much. On the right side you have this small dots, I didn’t noticed until I was at the bottom that they had a hover state. I would like that hover state was visible all time, these are nice icons. Only the text can be visible at hover. Just my two cents =) As I said I like it, got some inspiration here for a project of mine =)

Hi Jorn,

Appreciate your review! Considering this was my first project on webflow I guess I got too carried away with interactions and other possibilities. I will try to tone it down in my next update.

Regarding the icons on the right side I actually wanted to have each of them focussed and visible when the user is viewing the respective section but was not able to achieve that somehow. Probably it makes more sense to just keep it visible always!

It is fun with the interactions :smile:

A little busy in areas for me and I agree too much interaction stuff. But yeah looking great! Some really nice stuff going on there!

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Beautiful site. Love the material design and smart use of color. The interactions are great in my opinion, might tone down the animations in the work section a tad as was already mentioned, but love the site overall :smile:

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Really nice site, some of the best uses of interactions I’ve seen on a Webflow site. While I do enjoy all the interactions, I would perhaps sacrifice a few to speed up the site if it helps.


Nice page. How did you do the full screen (auto height?), responsive welcome page.



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Hi Daniel,

Here is the link I referred to crete my page. Just check the style panel and you will get an idea of how to do it!

Thanks for the appreciation!

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Thanks for helping! Body height’s must be 100%, if i’m correct.

Yes! The body height must be 100%.
Also under the background editing options of the image, I have checked the fixed option. This helps the background to be fixed at the same position while the user scrolls down!

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Thanks! It worked. Have a nice day!

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Hi @Krishna! I loved your site. Good job!

How did you expand the fixed width of the container to fit wider screens? Looks great.

Thank you!

Hi @sadok,
Its great to know you loved the site!

Instead of a container I used a Div Block from Add an Element section. I gave the Div Block a class and under the styles panel kept the Max Width as 1320 pixels. You could change the pixels to whatever width desired like 1280 or lesser! Hope this helps you!

Thank you so much @Krishna, it does help, a lot!! :smile:

And, does it work like any normal container if you center it? What’s the difference with a container then? Thank you again!