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Hello flow-ers,

I’m building my first web app on webflow and I thought I’d set out here what I want it to do and create a thread where ppl can offer specific tips and help. This is also just to help me organise my thoughts. I will greatfully receive advice and guidance on any aspect of the development process, including my planning process. Thank you in advance!

I work in the UK in children’s social work. Our profession has some very significant challenges, and recently the Govt reviewed how we work and made some big recommendations for changes and quite a lot of funding to improve things over the next five years. If interested, the review is here:

I’ve been around a while in this field and I am basically very worried that we won’t be able to take advantage of the funding to change because we are so stuck in bureaucratic and hierarchical approaches to work. The wider profession have barely noticed the review and have really spent no energy at all discussing how we can implement it. I want to build a web app to facilitate this conversation. It will have three sections:

  1. A blog section, where I record blog posts from myself and collaborators, and where people can sign up with their email addresses to receive them regularly. There should be ability to comment for people who are logged in.

  2. A section which breaks the review down into 7 themes, a bunch of challenges, and a bigger bunch of recommendations. For any logged in user, each recommendation should have a likert scale and comments section below, and below that a summary of average likert score and most upvoted comments.

  3. A section which can be sent out as a survey by a manager to their team, which includes each of the recommendations and a likert and comment input. The manager should then be able to log in and receive a summary of their team’s views on each recommendation.

I think I can do this with Webflow and Airtable, and I’d like to publish it on a web domain that I can decide later. I want to have sections 1 and 2 completed by the end of the festive period so I can launch it in the new year and start reaching out to people to get them engaged in the Conversation.

Please give me any and all feedback that comes to mind. I have some experience and understanding of basic web development, having completed about 60 hour html/css/js bootcamp, but I’m otherwise a beginner. I’m using this project to test whether I can learn enough to build something and maintain it. After that I have another project that I hope to build for profit.


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Looking through other posts, it looks like it’s more helpful to post specific questions. So here we go:

  1. How would you go about project planning the above? What tools do you recommend?
  2. I’m planning to use the webflow CMS system to display the content for the themes, challenges, and recommendations pages, and airtable to store the user input. Is this the sensible way to do things?

hi @stephenrice1 preparation and creating website project can be very complex process that vary from project to project. There is many articles about this process and as your request is more about global principles and not related to Webflow issues your best bet will be on sources on internet that will help you to understand where to start and what preparation and delivering is all about.

here is one basic example you can read

As you will be creating project with content related to governmental content and funding there are very strict rules about accessibility and fulfil these requirements will be time consuming especially in WF instead set these in plain code. But as you have mentioned that your first project is only for fun you do not need to care about these but keep it in mind.

good luck :wink:

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Re: #2, Webflow CMS for display, Airtable as a backend is a pretty popular stack. It takes advantage of the strengths of both tools. People typically try to connect them with things like Zapier, Make, or Whalesync (my company).

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Hi everyone, I’ve found a few videos about using Wized to create web apps in Webflow. When I tried to sign up, it says I need an invite code from an existing user. Can anyone please help out with this?

If not I’ll read up on Webflow and Airtable, as suggested!


I’ve figured out how to get form submissions into airtable. However, I am using a form within a CMS collection list item, and I can’t find a way to identify which collection list item the submission is linked to. Is there a way to do this using custom JS? I hope I’ve explained the problem correctly!

hi @stephenrice1 please follow standard forum rules and create a new request for specific issue of your project as its can responses can be helpful to any forum member facing similar issue. The request is not private conversation about full project solving multiple issues in one request.

IMPORTANT : The BEST practice is using forum search input field (top right) and its advanced search settings before posting a new request as this forum is great source of already solved issues.