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New to Webflow: any advice on getting Form data into the CMS

I’m a new Webflow user and I’m excited to try out its many features. One thing that I can’t figure out:

Can anyone recommend a good way to to get data and images from forms, and have them import directly into CMS Collection items (records) and fields?

I want to allow my paid users to login to their password protected account, submit 10-100 photos at a time, and create caption information and other text fields that will populate my photography-related website. I would also need them to be able to login to their account at any time, if they needed to correct spelling errors, remove/replace images, etc.

I’m willing to consider outside integrations, but I’d like to start with all-Webflow solutions as a starting point.

Thanks in advance, and let me know if I’m posting in the wrong area of the Forum (there are so many options!).

Welcome to the community @misterpibb!

I want to allow my paid users to login to their password protected account

Right off the bat you’re going to need to look into integrating other services for this as Webflow doesn’t (yet) have native membership functionality. That said, lots of other community members swear by Memberstack, so there are lots of helpful threads and it should tie in fairly well with your project.

In terms of having users update collection data via the front-end of the site, I’d recommend looking into Zapier or Integromat—these will allow you to take form submissions and turn them around and inject them into your collections. Again there is a number of threads around here in the community that talk about how to achieve this type of functionality, so it should work fairly well with what you’re looking to accomplish.

Hopefully that gets you started and if you run into any other roadblocks along the way, there are lots of helpful individuals around here who have experience working with one (or all) of the integrations I mentioned above. Good luck :+1:


@misterpibb I see you’ve already received some great feedback. I’ll chime in too and add my perspective along with a couple of links to that may help.

As already mentioned, there is no all-Webflow solution. The services mentioned in the previous comment are spot on and the direction you should look into if you want to do this.

It’s fairly straight forward. Here is a screencast walking through using a free Integromat account:

This is slightly more complex, but not much. Here is a screencast walking through how to do this with Webflow, MemberStack, and Zapier (you could also easily use Integromat):

Reply here on this thread if you have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for the quick reply! This seems like a welcoming community.

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Thanks so much for the links, I’ll check them out.

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