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My first project

Hi everyone! I am working on my very first webflow project. It’s very simple but I’m looking for feedback. I’m very open and I’d love to know what you think. There are still some finishing touches to go but I wanted to get some feedback.


Hi Heather,

I love what you made for a music website, It’s quite good.

But I would suggest you make a transparent image of the logo (or make the nav black). And slightly dim the drop shadow on the CTA button.

Overall the website looks great and quite fitting. :slight_smile:

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Weldone @Heather_Mondier … You are doing a great work. I just checked your website and its looking great. Keep working on it and surely, you will get an amazing results. I am also working on a project which is related to labour agencies. After completing this project I am also coming towards web flow.

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Thank you for the great feedback! That logo had been bothering me too so I’m glad you confirmed it! I switched it out for a transparent version. And I lowered that drop shadow too. I appreciate your help!

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Thanks Shawn! I hope to see you creating some webflow stuff soon!

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Hey there. No problem.