My DIE-HARD Features Wishlist

Hi Community,

These features probably (most likely) been requested before numerous times, but for the sake of expressing and recreating these topics … here I have my personal “DIE-HARD” wishlist according to my thoughts of priority.

  1. CMS Export

  2. White Label Feature

  3. Live Inline Code Editor

  4. Api

  5. Import

Additional: This would also be cool = [quote=“cuvegas, post:2, topic:3016, full:true”]
a) central color management: Give several items the same color. If you later change that color, all items should be updated accordingly.

But @bartekkustra quoted in May 2014 that they were working on this, along with the implementation of LASS/SASS and as of now there is no still no news regarding such implementation. I guess they grandfathered this feature. :frowning:

Any additions or reordering of this list would be appreciated!



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Just to clarify, I haven’t said that Webflow was working on that, but that we are hoping to see such feature in future. LASS/SASS was visible only as a text at the first version of playground ( and at one of the images at the first version of website.

If you are looking forward for such feature, please make sure to post that in Feedback/Wishlist category (