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My client wanted to use a Dinosaur. He will get a Dinosaur (Wordpress)

Hi Webflow!

Okay. I tried as much as I could to divert his choice. But he wants to use Wordpress.
I learned how to transfer the published site to Wordpress, but after I finished everything, I ran into a slight problem during testing.

  • The Webflow Websites homepage doesn’t load correctly, and is replaced by the standard Wordpress skeleton.

  • There is no way to set it as a Homepage on Webflow, and if I do it on Wordpress it permanently sticks the skeleton to the website as the homepage.

  • If I divert from the correct home-page and I navigate back home, it takes me to the incorrect page.

What it’s showing - Andre Kruger Transformation Coaching - Google Chrome (

What it’s supposed to show - Andre Kruger - Life Coaching Expert, NLP Life Coaching Sessions

Both of these pages are on the Wordpress server.

To clarify, is this using the Webflow plugin, or Udesly, or a manual conversion?

Excuse me, probably should have been clearer. I am using “Webflow Pages.”

I have found a solution actually! It appears all I needed was a 303 redirect and a restructure of my permalinks! Thank you for the check-up.

Do you know how long updates on the Webflow editor take to reflect onto Wordpress?

Sadly Webflow Pages plugin is the one of my three options above I don’t have any experience with.

I would have thought this would be almost instant though? Is there a cache buster/clearer you need to use somewhere?

Hopefully somebody with some experience can support…

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Yes, it has an integrated Cache Invalidation system, but it doesn’t seem to register any changes on the Webflow server to the Wordpress Server, quite unusual… I would have also thought the changes would cross over.

It was definitely not a quick process. Had to pick at my brain for 5 consecutive hours :brain:

Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate that you tried <3

Just informing you,

It updates now! It seems that the WordPress cache required a refresh, not the Webflow cache in the instance of updates. Now we both know. :slight_smile:

I’ll be closing this thread, thank you!

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