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🤔 Wordpress Plugin 'Webflow Pages' broken?

Problem: When I try to integrate the website I made in Webflow with the Wordpress plugin, no other subpages except home page work (in past they all worked).

Question: Is it Webflow / Wordpress that imposed limits, or am I doing something wrong. Website is copied template with changed names and slugs.

Did you manage to figure this out? Having the same issue.

Me too. I’ve had this issue in getting the nav bar to work, since the navbar on my homepage points people to sections on the page. In the webflow designer, it works fine. Not as much with wordpress

I might have a solution! Switch on permalinks!

I had the same issue:

  • new WP install
  • added Webflow Pages plugin
  • added API key
  • added pages and posts to settings

only the homepage would display :frowning: all other pages would redirect back to the homepage.

then I went to
WP Dashboard > Settings > Permalink and changed it from “Plain” to “Post name” then save…

hey presto - everything works as it should!! :slight_smile:

If someone from Webflow reads this message then please add this step to Webflow Pages plugin for Wordpress | Webflow University