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Cannot Update Wordpress page that uses Webflow Plugin

I am trying to update a page on Wordpress that was previously connected to a Webflow page via the Webflow for Wordpress plugin. I am trying to connect it to a page on a different Webflow website, I have followed all the steps in the tutorial provided by Webflow, but the page is still displaying old content.

Wordpress URL:
Webflow URL:

You may need to deactivate the plugin and uninstall / reinstall it. Then set it up for the new site.

Thanks for the quick response. I reset the website settings, deleted the plugin, reinstalled, and then set things back up and published to Webflow, but I am still seeing the old version of the website.

I was able to connect to a new url, 3686 Festival - Official Site, however my client has specified they would like the aforementioned one as well as set up. Neither of which are connecting properly.

And you are using the correct API key? Also make sure to publish the Webflow site after API change. Webflow apparently does not support it, and Udesly does not directly either.

[Webflow Pages] Support |

I am, I generated a new API key before resetting the website, and I have have published on Webflow since hooking up the new API key.

Are you referring to the plugin when you say Webflow does not support it?

Yes I am. Its lack of support has ruled out its use for me. I have other tools for WordPress I prefer.

Ah, that’s unfortunate. Do you have any plugin suggestions that might help solve this issue?

Again, thank you so much for your time!

For clients where Wordpress is the right fit, I have been using OxygenBuilder instead of themes.

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