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Multiple Webflow Designer Projects with One Domain

Here are the assets:
Webflow Designer Project A is on (master)
Webflow Designer Project B is on
Webflow Designer Project C is on

I must accomplish the following

  1. Move Project B from to and them apply 301
  2. Move Project C from to and then apply 301
  3. Independent Designers / Editors can edit Project A, B, and C simultaneously, with a limit of one designer per project at the same time.

Project Goal

  1. Consolidate hosting and ssl requirements to one hosting domain and remove sub-domains with the ability for 3 designers to design in 3 projects on one domain.

Thank you.

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I suppose there is no solution?

Following up on this thread. Has anyone else come across a solution for multiple designers working in one project?

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Interested in this too.

How does one even get those sub domain urls in the first place?

What are the advantages of removing the sub domains?

Can you build application with webflow and not having a subdomain?

Example my website if I want to build a webapp I was thinking I’d have to use

But now with Cloud Cannal It seems you can build with webflow and use bubble to build backends.

In an ideal world. I would love to have just one domain. No sub-domains. Full control the design in webflow. And only use bubble to setup the web application backend.

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We really need to look at this also. I’m blown away that there is not the capacity to have multiple designers working on one project. We have a small team… imagine anyone with a bigger team trying to work even a relatively simple site… Doesn’t make any sense.

/bump, i still need a solution to this

I’m looking for help with this too.

/bump - I still need help with this.