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Forms with multiple choices

Ok good people, I have a question for you, hoping anyone can help me with it.

I’m working on a page where the customer would like to have a form with multiple choices. The company are builing parts to trucks, and the parts are different from truck label to truck label. Example: Parts to a Fiat truck is different than parts to a Mercedez. So what they would like to have is a form where you in part one choose a car, and in part two and three you choose the parts you like the company to build. But as soon as you change from Fiat to Mercedez, the content in part two will also change.
So sorry if this as very badly explained… but hopefully you’ll understand more if you take a look at the photo below.

So… the question is… how can I make such a form? I would be so greatful if anyone could help me out a little with this one.
Thank you so my guys!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Not in Webflow. Not yet.

You need to find a third party service that allows you to create complex forms, and embed it into Webflow using the custom code widget.

Thank you Vincent for your help!

Typeform it’s a good solution!

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