Auto Advance Survey Form

Hello Webflow Community! I am trying to create a survey form to collect leads for my business. The first few questions are just simple selection questions where I want to form to automatticly advance to the next question once the selection has been made. There is no need for a next button for the first few questions. Once the user has made 3 selections of this type then there is a multiple choice question where a next button is necessary. Next there is a date selector as well as a zip code field. Lastly on the very last step I need to ask for email and phone that way I have information to followup. Currently I have a template survey form loaded up in my account, just not sure what I need to do in order to get the functionality that I want. Thank you for your help! I am happy to pay anyone who can help me get this done!

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Perfect Booth Instant Quote)
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