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I’m creating a fashion website for a client. Basically a brochure website for customers to browse designers. For example under mother of bride outfits there are several designers and to showcase them all I have used tabs with custom code content under each tab showing lightbox galleries for that specific designer. For example John Charles in the screenshot below.

My client can then add/remove different dresses for each of the designers. However as time goes on my client may choose to not stock a designer such as John Charles anymore so how would they, through the CMS editor remove the Tab and if they wanted to add in a new designer or multiple new designers be able to do so?

One solution I thought of was to allow the client to see the designer view and I would write them a tutorial on how to update the tabs but this cannot be done without purchasing a hefty team plan…

Is there a way I can get around this via my collections design? allowing tabs, their navigation and content to be updated dynamically?

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Any thoughts?

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Hi @Blaneclorley

My first thought was to use conditional visibility, but this will only work for visibility of the content in each Tab Pane. However, Each tab pane/tab link will still display.

Currently you have tabs > tabs content > dynamic list > html embed
you may be able to achieve this by rebuilding the structure to dynamic list > tabs > tab content > html embed

But I am not sure it is possible to achieve this. :confused:

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