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Multiple Images CMS

I’m creating a site for a customer that I need to be able to add multiple images to a single CMS post. I have read a lot of posts and tried a lot of what has been listed but I don’t think these are exactly what I’m looking to do. I looked and tried to use this method: Full CMS Lightbox!
I just don’t think this is going to accomplish what I need it to. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong tho… Please help! Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link:

Are you just wanting the post to have like 3 images side by side in the post? If so, then add 3 image fields in that cms database, then when you add the post fill it with images in each section.

On the page, you’ll need to add three image elements in the post’s layout structure, then pull from image 1, pull from image 2, pull from image 3. Then each post will have either 1, 2 or 3. They all don’t need have 3 filled some posts may have one or all.

I’m thinking more of a slider not just static images. I don’t think it’s possible so I’ll probably limit the client to 5 images or so and just do what you said.

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@cmkweb you can have up to 30 fields on the CMS plan and up to 60 fields on the Business plan. Therefore you can have 20+ images. As for a slider, that would be some custom code, because you would need to add a CMS collection to each slide and filter it. Thats the only work around I have seen at moment.

However, as you said you can create the slider element for the CMS collection and limit it to 5-10 images. I wouldnt go much more than 5, due to the complexity of it all.