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Dynamic CMS Slider (individual post slider)

Hello, here’s yet another CMS slider question.

HOWEVER. I believe my questions is different from the plethora of other questions on this form.

In other posts, I see how a slider populates “posts” within a collection. One blog per slide. Rest assured, not what I’m looking for.

My client wants the ability to add varying amounts of images from one post to a slider using CMS. So if he has 10 pictures, auto populate 10 slides with the images. If he only has 5, then auto populate to only 5 pictures. Is this possible? Perhaps with coding or workarounds?

At the moment, via the links below, you’ll see I manually created a set amount of slides, 8. And in the CMS I made it require 8 images, or there will be a few slides with nothing on them. No bueno!

I have tried to read contents from this page already: Creating a Dynamic Slider in Webflow… and not only does the example link not work, but the other examples simply do not work for me since they’re looking for a slider of blog posts, when I’m looking for varying amounts of images within a single blog post.

Thank you so much for any help! If there is no workaround, then I’ll have to face my client with a little disappointment :confused:


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