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Multiple imges cms

hi webflow gang! (:
i would love to understand something -
i have a client that needs a many galleries pages in her project - in order to save some time - i tried adding to a collection list page a multiple image field - well the first item worked perfectly - but when i added the next item it did not insert the images…finally i inserted them one by one but it takes forever so i wanted to understand what went wrong…is multiple image filed is restrictive in that sense?
created a page with only the cms gallery in the cms page
i created dummy content with multiple images but it dosent work…am i doing something wrong?
hoped i explained myself well
thank you!

Here is my public share link:
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I’m not sure I understand what you mean? The multiple image fields seem to work just fine? Just add more images to them (up to 25 per field, and you can have more fields). They also display just fine on the test pages?

thank for replaying !
in the collection there are 20 items and in each item more about 5,6 images roughly.
but in the CMS page it only shows the first item and not the rest…why is that?
for example if i have two items and in each 25 images it spouse to show 50 images, is that right? but it dosent…it shows only the first item that contains 25 images.
what am i missing here?

thank you!! (:slight_smile:

Every CMS item gets its own page. They are not added together.

2020-07-01 16_12_18-Webflow - cms gallery test

You need to make a static page which then has many collection lists if you want to have all the images display together:

2020-07-01 16_13_40-Webflow - cms gallery test

Thank you for the explanation!
But then it is not possible to list them all together under one lightbox list is that right?