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How to have multiple forms pointed to multiple mailchimp lists

I have 3 Contact forms on one page of my website. I’d like to use Mailchimp to segment those replies and send them to 3 different mailboxes…not sure how though.

First prize is to have 1 contact form with a dropdown to select which location (in my case different location=different email address) and then based on their selection when they hit submit it goes to the correct email address.

@cyberdave would love your help on this one?


Any news on this @cyberdave?

Hi @AMDD, thanks for the question! To setup three separate forms to go to three separate mailing lists, first create three new lists in Mailchimp.

For each list in Mailchimp, setup the three different forms on your site, with each form having a unique Action Field url :

I would give each form a different name in form settings:

I hope this helps!

Hi @cyberdave

Thanks but this doesn’t really help me though? Because the forms are designed to be contact forms, so people will fill in their Name, Surname, email…and then most importantly a comment or question.

So if Mailchimp is only pulling Name, Surname and Email…and not the comments then i can’t redirect that data to the relevant email address through mailchimp because then all the respondent (that i’m redirecting the data to) is getting is that someone contacted them, but they will have no idea what the problem was.

Hi @AMDD, yes ok, if you are looking to create more fields, then probably mailchimp might not be the best solution.

At the moment, we do not have automatic routing to separate emails for different forms in the same Webflow site.

I am going to look for a solution, because I think this issue can be solved with a workaround service, at least until this is built natively in Webflow. I will take a look and get back to you.

Hi @cyberdave

Sorry to be a nag, but did you find anything of use on this?