Cannot insert categories to my CMS template page

Hello :relaxed:

I just startet to use the CMS feature to build a portfolio template page.

Inserting the name and other content of my main collection into the template page works just fine.
However, when I want to use the “get text from” feature, I cannot access the categories collection because it is simply not shown in the dropdown list.

Is this a bug? Or have I missed a step I need to take?
The page I am working on is “projects template”.

Using Chrome on Win 8.1.

Hope you can help :smile:

I think your problem is because you are using a ‘multi-reference’ field in your project setting instead of a single ‘reference’ field to create your category. After you add in the dropdown category selector to your project then you will be able to select it from dynamic text selection under the settings panel. Hope that makes sense? Let me know if you need more help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer.

I chose the multi reference field because my projects can be in more than one category. In the video tutorial it was said that for this case there is the multi reference field.

How do I use it, then?

Or do I use two to three single reference fields for all of my categories?

Hi @Anne,

I know exactly what you are trying to do and I was trying to do it myself without success. I dont think Webflows’ multi-reference field has that functionality yet.

Here is a forum post with other Webflow members with the same problem. Its a good place to start:

I came across the same problem, so I changed my categories in my blog posts to single reference, but the category text kept disappearing, though my div box remained. Did either of you have that problem, or know of a solution? Thanks!

@shauncy Thanks for the explanation :grinning:

So I will just try to use several single reference fields then. And hope that someday the multi reference may work :wink:

Thats what i did too… and we know it will come…