Multilingual site - how to do it in Webflow?

Hi, another newbie question:

In custom coding in HTML I assign every text element (long text but also including buttons) an “id”.

Inside MySQL I have a corresponding field “id” plus duplicate records of the texts in their various languages and differentiated by another field designating the language: “en”, “es”, “fr”, etc.

Depending on the selected language from a dropdown, the correct texts are pulled from the db and instantly displayed.

Can I replicate this in Webflow? If not: We don’t want to use Weglot but want to keep control of the translations. What can we do?


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A bit unsure on how your database will talk to your website. Are you planning on exporting the code? And to your question, yes! you can assign every text element an id inside of webflow designer.

Thanks for the info on the id. For the translation bit, I have no clue at this point what is possible. In the meantime I have written to support and am looking forward to their reply. I shall post the result here.

I think I found the solution. Just had feedback from the developer of Multilingualizer - he confirms his script will work with current Workflow and is still supported by his team.