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Multilingual Website Done Manually

Hello everyone!

We have a webflow site in English and are planning to do it in Spanish as well. We have a translator already who has translated all the content into Spanish.

Is there a way to change all the website’s text content after just clicking a button? I plan to put a language tab on the navigation menu and once the user selects “Spanish” I want all the English text to be hidden and the Spanish text to show, and vice versa.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance everybody!

I’ve added exactly that recently to another small flatfile cms… I don’t know if you could add that in the webflow cms because its a php plugin (called localizer) Shouldn’t be too difficult because it’s a very small file and works perfectly, but how to get in the back-end and put it there, I really don’t know…

Hi Mary, thanks for responding. What does localizer do? Does it automatically translate the words or recognizes the user’s region?

Hi samliew, this doesn’t really help me but thanks.

Seems like Webflow doesn’t offer anything of this nature yet. I’ll duplicate pages and edit them for different languages.

Yeah, I was just helping link the plugin mentioned by Mary_Grooteman.

It is correct that Webflow does not have translation built into the CMS.

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yeah, my bad. appreciate it :+1:

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